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A+A are very pleased to represent both Tiger Tim Products Limited, based in North Wales and Dutch Flame BV, based in The Netherlands.

Each of these Companies are, in their own right, world leaders in producing a range of ignition products to light coal, wood, camp fires and charcoal barbeques.

Whilst Tiger Tim Products predominately produces a range of hydrocarbon based firelighters Dutch Flame produces a range of Eco-friendly wood / natural wax firelighters, where the wood used is sustainably Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified.

We appreciate there are a number of excellent firelighter producers in Europe and around the World, all of which manufacture a high quality range of products. However, the companies we represent have the largest production facilities worldwide, and are easily able to meet extreme demands during severe winters or very hot summers. It is a businesses’ worst nightmare to be “out of stock” during peak customer demand.

Andrew Price, our CEO has a long history in firelighters with over thirty years in the industry. Andrew served as CEO of Tiger Tim Products, where much of his focus in the last few years had been on sustainable and renewable bio-based products.

This resulted in the introduction of their GREENALITE product range which is produced from Methyl Ester (ME) which is manufactured from palm kernel and coconut oil produced solely in Malaysia under strict regulations to conform to the standard and accreditation of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).

The A+A mission therefore is not only to supply traditional firelighter products but also to introduce a range of eco-friendly firelighter products that are 100% natural and sustainable. These natural firelighters complement so well the NATURAL theme of SAFE grilling using only ALL NATURAL materials on the Barbecue.

These come in two formats, a wood–wax based non-hazardous firelighter and a charcoal lighting fluid.

These bio-fuel products will give both businesses and consumers alike the opportunity to switch to a safer, sustainable and environmentally friendlier charcoal lighting product.

Since setting up the business in August 2012 A+A have been pleasantly surprised with the interest shown in our products and with the number of containers that have already been delivered to North America.

We have a proven record within the private label sector, therefore if you feel there is an opportunity for you to have your private label firelighters we will help you through the process.

Our understanding is that private label can offer both better value and reassurance to consumers vs. some relatively little known brands.

Notwithstanding, the TIGER TIM and SAMBA ( Worldwide) Brand are available for your range of firelighter products.

We are happy to send you samples of any of the products in our range for your evaluation processes.